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Facts about the 1890’s

1890 – Window made by Tiffany Glass Co. of New York installed in the library, which was the old Geology building. The cost of the window was $500.

1891 – The memorial window was completed. Chancellor Mayes resigns. 

1892 – Robert B. Fulton was appointed chancellor of University by Board of Trustees. Election of all alumni officers changed to annually

1893 – Football introduced to the University by Professor Alexander Bondurant. Bondurant is also credited with suggesting the school colors of crimson red of Harvard and Yale blue. The first summer school was instituted.

1895 – The Alumni Scholarship Fund was established and is still in existence today. 

1896 – The first student yearbook named The Ole Miss published.

The Alumni Loan Fund was established. Director of the loan fund was Chancellor R.B. Fulton. The total fund was $71.

1898 – Class gift was a roughly hewn block of stone and scroll near the old library.

1899 – Compilation for the fiftieth anniversary was published. Class gift was a stone tablet on the wall of the foyer of the old library with their names inscribed on it. St. Anthony Hall, first fraternity house in Mississippi, built.

Alumni Presidents


Charles Betts Galloway


Albert Hall Whitfield


Albert Hall Whitfield


James Thornton Fant


Robert Harvey Thompson


Charlton Henry Alexander


Henry Lowndes Muldrow


James Carter Longstreet


Clarence Lee Sivley


William Robert Harper

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