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Facts about the 1880’s

1881 – Annie Corinne Baker (Wingfield-married name) was the first woman student.

1882 – Resolution passed to consider as members of the Alumni Association all graduates holding diplomas or degrees and other persons who attended and had written recommendation of three members including presiding officer, and a vote of two-thirds of the members present.

1884 – Colonel James Lufkin McCaskill was elected president of the Alumni Association.

1885 – Sarah McGehee was appointed first woman faculty member.

Oxford was selected as the name for the city over Mississippi City by one vote from the Legislature.

Sallie Vick Hill became first woman graduate from the University and first woman elected to a position of responsibility (essayist) in the Alumni Association.

1886 – First alumni banquet held. Professor Edward Mayes, former treasurer and first vice president of the Alumni Association, elected chairman of the faculty and chancellor of the University.

First decided to keep biographical information of all members. Records were kept in the library. 

1887 – Bishop Charles Betts Galloway was elected president of the Alumni Association.

Letter mailed to every alumnus asking for biographical information and historical information. Professor J. W. Johnson was in charge of this project.

1888 – Dr. Fredrick A.P. Barnard wrote John W. Johnson a lengthy letter recalling his memorable experiences at the University before the Civil War. The old library (now Ventress Hall) built. 

1889 – Oxford Delta Gamma alumnae and the Alumni Association agreed to unite to raise funds for a Civil War memorial window to be placed in the new library under construction. Cornerstone for library laid.

Alumni Presidents


Hamilton Henderson Chalmers


James L. McCaskill


Charles Betts Galloway

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