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Facts about the 2000′s

2000 – Liberal Arts Alumni Chapter established.

2001 – Commitment to Excellence Campaign
Applied Sciences Alumni Chapter established.
Career Alumni Network established
First Young Alumni Award.

2002 – Alumni Association celebrates 150th birthday.
Graduate studies in Health Sciences Alumni Chapter established.
Receptions for DeSoto and Tupelo UM graduates.
First Alumni Service Award.

2003 – First Band Alumni Scholarship awarded.
Conversion to Advance alumni record system completed.
Marketing Director position established.
Approval to expand Triplett Alumni Center Hotel granted.
Rebel Insider e-newsletter launches.
Alumni Association logo revised to reflect current UM logo.
Student Alumni Councils Bridging the Gap program established.
Ole Miss Luncheon Series established.

2004 – Warner Alford named Executive Director of Alumni Affairs.
Ole Miss Online Community and Directory launches.
Triplett Alumni Center Hotel renamed The Inn at Ole Miss.

2005 – Inn at Ole Miss public campaign launches.
Alumni Review Archived Index created.
Rebelette Alumni Club established.
Created the Honorary Alumnus Award
Created the Mentor program with Student Alumni Council & Alumni Board

2006 – Rebel Network, online networking service, launched.
Corporate memberships established.
Inn at Ole Miss groundbreaking.
Graduate dinner established.

2007 – OMazing Race established.
Student Alumni Council launches “Random Acts of Kindness”.
Associaton produces Grove Video.
Luncheon Series wins Best Program in SEC.

2008 – The Inn at Ole Miss expansion is completed.
Mrs. Rose Jackson Flenorl the first African American president

Tim Walsh named Executive Director of Alumni Affairs.

University hosted the 2008 Presidential Debate

2009 – Dan Jones named Chancellor

Alumni Presidents


Robert E. Seibels


James O. Dukes


W. Briggs Hopson Jr.


Mary Sharp Rayner


Jon C. Turner


Bill Renovich


Chance Laws


David McCormick


Rose Flenorl


Charles Clark

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