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Facts about the 1970’s

1970 – Alumni representative to Athletic committee reported that Astroturf had been installed in the stadium.

1971 – C.M. “Tad” Smith and Johnny Vaught retired

“Ole Miss” by Frank Everett first published in the Winter Alumni Review 

Announcement made of first annual convention in London and Paris

First notion that a joint dues plan be made for husbands and wives who were alumni.

1973 – 125th Anniversary of the University

Alumni staff members could now become member after 5 years service as instead of 10 years.

Bill Griffin presented plaque for his 25 years service to the Association. 

Association approved for a third representative on the Athletic Committee.

1974 – M-Club Alumni Chapter reorganized and became an integral part of the Alumni Association.

Alumni Hall of Fame Distinguished Alumnus Awards established.

University of Mississippi Foundation formed.

Dues increased to $10 for annual single, $13 for annual joint, $42 for 5 year single, $52 for 5 year joint, $200 for Life single, and $300 for Life joint membership. Life memberships could be paid out with $100 down and annual payments of $25 until balance paid. 

1975 – Dental Alumni and Health-Related Affairs Alumni Associations formed.

First Alumni Hall of Fame Distinguished Alumnus Award ceremony.

1976 – Ole Miss Union opened.

The Kate A. Skipwith Teaching Museum was completed and the athletic dormitory was fully occupied.

Eight alumni scholarships awarded.

Distinguished Professors program created.

1977 – School of Business Alumni Chapter formed

1978 – Ole Miss Law School celebrates 125th anniversary. Lamar Law Center building completed. Old law building renamed Farley Hall.

From the Archives:

1979 – Brief History by James Butler

Alumni Presidents


Lee T. Cossar


Charles D. Fair


Tom B. Scott, Jr.


Dr. Paul H. Moore


Clifford G. Worsham


A. Conley Cox


Frank O. Crosthwait, Jr..


Tally D. Riddel, Sr.


William F. Winter


Charles S. Bidgood

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