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Facts about the 1980′s

1980 – Committee on Black Student Concerns formed. 

Director William S. Griffin retires as Alumni Association director. 

James N. Butler became new director. 

Anonymous gift of $250,000 given to restore Barnard Observatory.

M-Club voted to allow women athletes into Chapter.

Student Alumni Council formed.

Alumni Records were computerized with IBM System 34.

Alumni Review began quarterly publication.

First faculty/staff reception held.

Business and Accountancy chapter established.

Assistant Alumni Secretary changed to Associate Director of Alumni Activities.

1981 – Jazz Musicians Alumni Club formed and accepted by Board.

Dues increased to $15/single annual, $20/joint annual, $300/Life Single, $500/Life joint, and discontinuation of 5-year memberships. 

Installation of computer completed in February. Original contract was joint lease with Alumni Association and Foundation.

New staff members assumed positions of Systems Analyst/Programmer, Record Supervisor, Alumni Assistant for on-campus programs, Alumni Assistant for off-campus programs, and Accountant.

Phonothons instigated for membership. 

First mailing with new computer systems.

1982 – First annual Alumni College was conducted.

Nineteen Distinguished Achievement Awards presented.  

Honorary Alumni membership awarded to Leontyne Price.

Butler announced that motel rooms would be redecorated.

Active Alumni records were computerized, with inactive files being the next project.

Computer Operator position approved and filled. 

Weekly Football luncheons began.

Association converted computer lease to purchase plan.

Career Alumni network created.

1983 – Alumni House Board Room officially changed to William S. Griffin Board Room. 

Computer capacity increased.

Dues increased based on 1981 proposal with the exception of $18 instead of $20 for annual single membership and $400 instead of $300 for Life Single membership.

Two new Alumni clubs formed in San Diego and San Francisco.

Alumni questionnaire mailed to all alumni to all alumni in effort to update and enhance record system. 

Education alumni formed new professional chapter.

Records Supervisor Brenda West promoted to Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs for Information and Records.

1984 – Dr. Robert Gerald Turner became new Chancellor of the University.

Establishment of Long-Range Planning Committee for the Alumni Association.

William Emmett Marston elected president of the Alumni Association the first president to live outside of Mississippi.

Department of Alumni Activities now called the Department of Alumni Affairs.

Active Membership went over 15,000 for the first time.

Band alumni added to computer system. First Alumni band performed at Homecoming.

Alumni Association assumed direction of Annual Fund.

Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator for the program joined staff.

Plans for Parent Council began.

Telemarketing program set up.

Word processing with personal computer added to the office system.

Transcript service offered.

Emergency short-term loans of no more than $100 set up for full-time students.

County Club system reorganized into 14 districts.

Filming of Record began.

Accountancy and Business Chapter separate. 

1985 – Susan Akin, an Ole Miss coed, crowned Miss America. 

1986 – Board of Directors voted to approve the publication of A History of the Alumni Association

From the Archives:

Early draft of the Alumni history book, A History of the Alumni Association

Alumni Presidents


Marion Smith


James F Ingram


Dr. L. Stacy Davidson


John H. Geary


William Emmett Marston


James McClure, Jr.


Sherman Muths, Jr.


Howard L. McMillan, Jr.


Hunter M. Gholson


David W. Arnold

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