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Facts about the 1960’s

1960 – David M. Robinson Collection left to Ole Miss. This collection can be described as the finest collection of its kind in the South and one of the finest in the nation. It contains Greek and Roman sculpture, Roman copies of famous Greek works of art, a superb group of Greek decorated pottery ranging in date from 1500 BCE to 300 AD, inscriptions, architectural fragments, inscribed Sumerian cuneiform tablets, small works of art in terracotta and bronze, and over 750 Greek and Roman coins.

Television sets placed in 14 rooms of the Alumni House.

William Price became first Alumni Secretary, Medical Center.

1961 – Membership of the Alumni Association reaches 7,000 members.

William Faulkner died.

Jeff Hamm honored for his contributions to the Association in the Alumni Review.

James N. Butler joined the staff as Alumni Secretary. 

1962 – U.S. District Court of the Jackson Division orders for James Meredith to be allowed to enroll for fall semester. 30,000 federal troops sent to maintain order.

Southern Association of Schools and Colleges placed the University of Mississippi on “extraordinary status.” 

Constitution revised stating that the Association would have officers. They would be President, Vice President, Director of Alumni Activities, Alumni Secretary, Alumni Secretary Medical Center, and other such officers as designed by the Board. Board would be made up of 36 members.

1963 – Engineering Alumni Chapter established.

Kincannon Hall built.

1964 – Alumni increased to 10,000 members.

Number serving on Board increased to 44 from 36.

Law and Engineering Alumni chapters established.

1965 – Medical Alumni approved construction of alumni building on Jackson campus. 

Alumni Association President Jack Barksdale gave a report to the Board on “The History of the Ole Miss Alumni Association” (October Alumni Review).

1966 – Pharmacy Alumni chapter established. 

Added new officer: Acting Law Alumni Secretary. Added past five president of Medical, Law Engineering, Nursing, and Pharmacy chapters as ex-officio members of the Board.

1967 – Fall issue of the Alumni Review dedicated to retiring Chancellor Williams.

1968 – Porter Lee Fortune, Jr. elected Chancellor of the University.

Mr. Carl Walters and and Chancellor Fortune added as honorary alumni members. 

William Rogers joined staff as Assistant Alumni Secretary.

1969 – First woman to be brought in as an honorary member.

Annual Alumni Seminar planned to discuss various topics and cultural opportunities to offered.

IRS ruled that Alumni Association was no longer tax exempt.

Alumni Presidents


Mitchell S. Salloum


Orma Rinehart Smith, Sr.


James Taylor Singley


William Henry Barbour


John Woodson Barksdale


Reuben Davis Wilcox


Dr. Howard Alexander Nelson


William Edward Wilroy, Sr.


Billy H. Quin


John Clark Love

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