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Facts about the 1950’s

1950 – Groundbreaking ceremonies for new alumni building. The total cost of the building, furnishings, and equipment was estimated at $275,000. It was to include 35 sleeping rooms, offices space, game rooms, an auditorium, a memorial room, a director’s room, a lounge, and a snack bar. 

Lester, Baxter, Gerard and Sam Halls were named as memorials of alumni.

Alumni Association and ASB sponsored ball for 1950 graduation class at Spring Lake National Park. It was the first such event for a class.

Active Alumni totaled 4,027. Alumni clubs totaled 28 in-state and 5 out-of-state.

Alumni donated a 1950 Ford to the University for official business (assigned to the Chancellor).

1951 – Dedication of the Alumni House. Rates for rooms in the building were $3.50 for a single room or one person occupancy, $5 for double occupancy and $5 extra for 2 extra occupants. 

Student government program modified to include a student senate and a student judicial council to go along with the executive council.

1953 – M-Club Alumni Club established. Shed Hill Robertson was elected as the first president of the M-Club. Annual dues were set at $5, which included $3 for general Association dues and $2 for M-Club dues.

John Reed Holley made the new Assistant Alumni Secretary.

1953 – Alumni clubs formed in 33 Mississippi towns.

Life Membership dues increased to $100.

1954 – Annual Alumni Giving Program was passed by Board of Directors.

Sixteen rooms added to the Alumni House.

The Alumni House was air conditioned.

1955 – Betty Spiers selected as first Homecoming Queen.

1956 – First graduates from four-year medical curriculum.

West Tennessee Alumni Club formed.

Four students awarded Alumni Scholarships.

1958 – First Annual Awards banquet held for athletes.

Twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of the Alumni Review

Mary Ann Mobley from Brandon selected as Miss America. 

Nursing Alumnae Association established.

Casey Stengel and Dizzy Dean made honorary members of the M-Club.

Samuel Morse appointed field representative for the Annual Alumni Giving Program of the Alumni Association to serve part-time until graduation from Law School.

Four funds set up to make up the Annual Alumni Giving Program: Scholarship, Unrestricted, Endowment, and Alumni.

Addressograph installed to improve mailing efficiency. 

1959 – Lynda Lee Mead, sponsored by the University of Mississippi, won Miss Mississippi and succeeded Mary Ann as Miss America. 

Phi Kappa Phi formed on Ole Miss Campus.

The Alumni Club in Forrest, MS, was 100% active, the first club to achieve this goal in history.

The Office of Alumni Secretary changed to the Department of Alumni Activities and Secretary was promoted to Director of Alumni Activities. The Assistant Secretary position was elevated to Alumni Secretary. 

From the Archives:

Early Rendering of the Alumni House

1951 Alumni Review on the new Alumni House

Alumni Presidents


George Payne Cossar


James Clarence Fair


Otho Ray Smith


Thompson McClellan


Frank Edgar Everett, Jr.


Samuel Parker Carter


Samuel Lyle Bates


Carl McKellar


Chester Harris Curtis


Richard Baxter Wilson

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