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Facts about the 1940’s

1944 – World War II memorial plaque placed on the wall of the lobby of the Alumni House.

1946 – The Department of Journalism was established.

J.D. Williams elected chancellor of the University.

Alumni Association Secretary Hamm resigns.

1947 – John H. Vaught selected head coach for the University. Football team won SEC Championship.

William S. Griffin was appointed Alumni Secretary in February of 1947.  Where Jefferson Hamm’s position had been an elective one on an annual basis, Griffin’s was that of a full-time staff position, subject to the approval of the Chancellor. For the first time in its history, the University of Mississippi has a full-time Alumni Secretary.

Membership dues increases to $3 and included a subscription to the official alumni publication, the Alumni Review. Five and ten year memberships established at $12.50 and $22.50 respectively, with a Life Membership set at $50. 

Motion passed that all past Presidents of the Alumni Association become ex-officio members of the Board.

Resolution passed to raise funds to build an Alumni building on campus as a gift to the alumni for the 100th anniversary of the University. Two kick-off meetings in Oxford resulted in an excess of $10,000 for the new building. 

1948 – First Alumnae Day

Five new county clubs formed: DeSoto, Marion, Batesville, Water Valley, and Yazoo City

1949 – Medical Alumni Association formed. 

Seven new Alumni clubs formed: Senatobia, Brookhaven, Indianola, Birmingham, Kosciusko, Houston (Chickasaw County), and Natchez.

Several alumni starred in the cast of M.G.M’s Intruder in the Dust.

Active members’ names printed in the Summer edition of the Alumni Review. At the time, there were 3,000 active members including 34 Life Members.

From the Archives:

October 1943 Alumni News

April 1947 Alumni Review

October 1948 Alumni Review

Alumni Presidents


Dean Henry Minor Faser, Sr.


Dean James Warsaw Bell, Sr.


William Thomas Wynn


James McClure


James Lake Roberson


David Cottrell, Jr.


Taylor Holcomb McElroy


Harvey Lee Morrison

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