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Facts about the 1930’s

1932 – First alumni magazine published called The Alumni News. It was originally planned to print 10 issues a year, but was reduced to a quarterly publication.

1934 –Dr. Alfred Benjamin Butts elected chancellor of the University.

Ole Miss teams became known as the “Rebels.”

Frank “Bruiser” Kinard was first All-American football player to be picked from Ole Miss.

1938 – Approval for stadium to be named “The William Hemingway Stadium.” 

Alumni Secretary Hamm made Assistant Director of Athletics while still serving as Alumni Secretary.

1939 – Isaac “Ike” Cecil Knox elected president of the Alumni Association.

Opening of the new concrete bridge over Hilgard’s Cut called Lamar Bridge.

Alumni begins organizing it’s membership by classes, alphabet, and residence.

Alumni Lounge provided by the University. It was located on the second floor of the Student Union.

Alumni Presidents


Lemuel Augustus W. Smith, Jr.


Samuel Lyle Bates


Davis Love Fair, Sr.


Clyde Lanier Hester


Martin Van Buren Miller

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