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Facts about the 1920’s

1924 – Dr. Alfred Hume elected chancellor of the University. 

Chancellor Hume reorganized athletic committee and included two alumni representatives.

Jeff K. Hamm is elected the first Alumni secretary.

First movement to publish an alumni magazine introduced.

Class of 1899 held the first reunion ever staged on campus.

1925 – Approved plan to build building for gymnasium and stadium.

Homer Hazel became football head coach.

New Constitution written and passed allowing membership to all former students, graduates, and faculty and staff members serving for 10 years or more. Dues were not required for memberships, but contributions, especially for athletics, were highly promoted.

1927 – Memorial of Seth Thomas clock on front of Lyceum presented. See the article clipping from The Mississippian here

Graduate School organized under leadership of Hume and Bondurant.

From the Archives:

1920 – 1922 Clippings from The Mississippian

1923 Clippings from the Mississippian

1924 Clippings from the Mississippian

1925 Clippings from the Mississippian

1926 Clippings from the Mississippian

1927 Clippings from the Mississippian

Alumni Presidents


Alfred Holt Stone


Roy Lester Heidelberg


Lemuel Augustus W. Smith, Jr.


James Alemeth Finley


Anselm Joseph McLaurin, Jr.


Lemuel Augustus W. Smith, Jr.

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