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Facts about the 1900’s

1900 – The School of Engineering established.

1902 – Class gift was a memorial of the beautiful archway, anchored in pillars of stone located on the north side of the street, just to the west of the bridge that spans Hilgard’s Cut.

Alumni Loan Fund still totaled $71. Lt. Gov. Shands spearheaded drive to increase fund by $107.

1903 – The School of Education and a two-year Medical School established.

1904 – Essayist, V. Otis Robertson, advocated publication of alumni magazine to “bind closer together the alumni”.

1906 – Using Tulane University as an example, Dr. Harley Shands recommended establishing an office of corresponding secretary to collect annual dues and to correspond in the interest of the Alumni Association. A fixed percentage of dues collected would be used for operation of office. 

First loan from Alumni Loan Fund issued to Robert Lester Stark for $100.00.

The Confederate monument was unveiled. 

Dr. Fred Hume became acting Chancellor for the University.

1907 – Professor Andrew Armstrong Kincannon elected Chancellor of the University.

1908 – The School of Pharmacy was established.

1909 – First comprehensive list of alumni published compiled by Vice Chancellor Dr. Alfred Hume.

Alumni Presidents


Monroe McClurg


Dr. Samuel Sample Carter


Chalmers Meek Williamson


Dr. Samuel Sample Carter


Dabney Lipscomb


Clifton Lamar Lomax


Julian Cooper Wilson


Percy Bell


William Calvin Wells


James Gordon

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