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Facts about the 2010’s

2013 – Reached over 26,000 active members for the first time.

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Facts about the 2000′s

2002 – Alumni Association celebrates 150th birthday. First Alumni Service Award.

2008 – The Inn at Ole Miss expansion is completed.
Tim Walsh named Executive Director of Alumni Affairs.

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Facts about the 1990′s

1998 – University Sesquicentennial Celebration.

1991 – First Alumni Directory published.
Alumni Records transferred to electronic format.

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Facts about the 1980′s

1980 – Committee on Black Student Concerns formed. Anonymous gift of $250,000 given to restore Barnard Observatory.

1986 – Board of Directors voted to approve the publication of A History of the Alumni Association.

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Facts about the 1970’s

1971 – C.M. “Tad” Smith and Johnny Vaught retired

First notion that a joint dues plan be made for husbands and wives who were alumni.

1976 – Ole Miss Union opened.

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Facts about the 1960’s

1960 – David M. Robinson Collection left to Ole Miss.

1961 – Membership of the Alumni Association reaches 7,000 members. William Faulkner died.

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Facts about the 1950’s

1951 – Dedication of the Alumni House.

1953 – Alumni clubs formed in 33 Mississippi towns.

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Facts about the 1940’s

1944 – World War II memorial plaque placed on the wall of the lobby of the Alumni House.

1947 – John H. Vaught selected head coach for the University.

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Facts about the 1930’s

1932 – First alumni magazine published called The Alumni News.

1938 – Approval for stadium to be named “The William Hemingway Stadium.”

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Facts about the 1920’s

1924 – Dr. Alfred Hume elected chancellor of the University.

Jeff K. Hamm is elected the first Alumni secretary.

1927 – Memorial of Seth Thomas clock on front of Lyceum presented. 

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