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1864-Union troop set fire to Oxford Square

1860 – Last commencement before the Civil War. Jefferson Davis makes visit to Oxford.

1862 – First wave of Union troops invade the University.

1864 – General A.J. Smith of Union troops set the Square afire.

1865 – John N. Waddel was elected chancellor of the University. The first commencement exercises following the Civil War were held.

1866 – Y.M.C.A. was organized on campus.

Alumni meeting held on Commencement Day to reorganize Society and to consider erection of monument for alumni and students who died in the Civil War. The project was never carried out. 

1867 – Special tax of $1 from each member assessed to offset cost($39.50) of publishing commencement address.

Alumni Presidents


Richard Wright Phipps

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