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Facts about the 1850’s

1851 – First year of graduation.

1852 – First Alumni Association called Alumni Society organized for the first session with 23 members in attendence. John Bannister Herring from Pontotoc was first president and Thomas E. Bugg was first recording secretary.

Earliest account of a social event called “complimentary party” was held.

The old chapel built. 

1853 – 1st recorded minutes of Society

1854 – Law School program established.

Society met in July. 1st committee for resolutions formed. Resolutions honoring deceased members published in Memphis and Jackson papers.

1855 – Name of Alumni Society changed to Alumni Association. John L. Hudson was elected president.

1856 – Fredrick A.P. Barnard became president of the University

1857 – First initiation fee of $1.00 required for Alumni Association.

1858 – First law graduates were admitted to the Alumni Association. Agreed that each member would contribute $1 annually for expenses.

1859 – Richard Wright Phipps became president of the Alumni Association. The title for Dr. Barnard changed from president to chancellor on November 24, 1859.

From the Archives:

Alumni Association Meeting Record – September 16, 1853 

Alumni Association Meeting Record – July 13, 1854

Alumni Association Meeting Record – 1855

Alumni Association Meeting Record – 1856

Alumni Association Meeting Record – 1857

Alumni Association Meeting Record – 1858

1859 Address to the Alumni Association

Alumni Presidents


John Bannister Herring


John L. Hudson


Richard Wright Phipps

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