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World Travel

Travel the world with the Ole Miss Alumni Association as we embark on yet another year of travel opportunities enriched with that special educational component. Remember, education doesn’t end when you leave Ole Miss. Browse through these trips and let your imagination run free!

Ole Miss Sports Travel

Travel with the Alumni Association and other true Rebel fans to a variety of Ole Miss athletic events. To view our upcoming trips click here.


Travel Insurance

The Ole Miss Alumni Association has chosen USI Travel Insurance Services to provide travel insurance for alumni and friends. Every year, Travel Insurance Select gives peace of mind to thousands of alumni travelers just like you. Be sure you are adequately insured for your next trip – whether participating in World Travel tour or traveling on your own. Please click here for more information about Travel Insurance.


The Ole Miss Alumni Association has chosen MedjetAsssist to ensure you’re fully protected while traveling. While your travel insurance and platinum card programs have important benefits, there may be medical evacuation restrictions that could leave you wishing you had additional protection. Medjet’s premier, hospital of choice, air-medical transport membership closes this gap.

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