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Notable Alumni: Law and Politics


Governor William A. Allain William A. Allain (LLB ’50)

  • Governor of Mississippi, 1984-88
  • Served term as Mississippi Attorney General
Judge Reuben Anderson Reuben Anderson (JD ’67)

  • First African-American Mississippi Supreme Court Justice
  • President, the Mississippi Bar 1997- 98
Governor Haley Barbour Haley Barbour (JD ’73)

  • Governor of Mississippi, 2004-2012
  • Co- Founder of Barbour, Griffith & Rogers, LLC
Raymond Brown Raymond Brown (BBA ’58; LLB ’62)

  • President of Mississippi Bar Association, 1978
  • President Ole Miss Law Alumni Chapter, 1996-1997
  • University of Mississippi Alumni Hall of Fame, inducted in 2000
  • President Ole Miss Alumni Association, 1991-1992
Congressman Ed Bryant Ed Bryant (BA ’70; JD ’72)

  • United States Representative for Tennessee, 1995-2003
Travis Childers Travis Childers (BBA ’80)

  • United States Representative for Mississippi, 2008-2011
Kay Cobb Kay Cobb (JD ’77)

  • Mississippi Supreme Court Justice, 1999-2007
  • State Senator for Mississippi, 1992-1996
Senator Thad Cochran Thad Cochran (BA ’59; JD ’65)

  • United States Senator for Mississippi, 1978-present
  • Chair of Senate Agricultural Committee and Senate Appropriations Committee
Dr. Winfield Dunn Dr. Winfield Dunn (BBA ’50)

  • Governor of Tennessee, 1971-75
Senator James O. Eastland James O. Eastland (’25)

  • United States Senator for Mississippi, 1943-79
Senator James O. Eastland John C. Fleming Jr. (BS ’73, MD 76)

  • United States Congressman for Louisiana, 2009-present
  • Served as Medical Doctor in U.S Navy
Governor Cliff Finch Cliff Finch (LLB ’58)

  • Governor of Mississippi, 1976-80
Tim Ford Tim Ford (BA ’73, JD ’77)

  • Mississippi Speaker of the House, 1988-2004
  • Partner at the law firm of Balch& Bingham LLP in Jackson, Mississippi.
Governor Cliff Finch Evelyn Gandy (LLB ’43)

  • Lt. Governor of Mississippi, 1976-80
  • First female elected to statewide office in Mississippi
Greg Harper Gregg Harper (JD ’81)

    • United States Representative for Mississippi, 2009-


Congressman Kenny Hulshof Kenny Hulshof (JD ’83)

  • United States Representative for Missouri, 1996-2009
Governor Paul B. Johnson, Jr. Paul B. Johnson, Jr. (LLB ’40)

  • Governor of Mississippi, 1964-68
Senator Trent Lott Trent Lott (BPA ’63; JD ’67)

  • United States Senator for Mississippi, 1988-2007
  • Former Senate Majority Leader
Florence L. Mars Florence L. Mars (BSC ’44)

  • Author of Witness in Philadelphia about the 1964 killings of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi
Ray Maybus Ray Mabus (BA ’69)

  • United States Secretary of the Navy, 2009-present
  • Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1994-1996
  • Governor of Mississippi, 1988-1992
James Meredith James Meredith (BA ’63)

  • First African-American student to attend The University of Mississippi
  • Pivotal figure in the American Civil Rights Movement
Dick Molpus Dick Molpus (BBA ’71)

  • Mississippi Secretary of State, 1983-1996
  • President of The Molpus Company, The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC and Molpus Timberlands Management, LLC, 1996-present
  • Fouding Chairman of the United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities
Governor Ronnie Musgrove Ronnie Musgrove (BBA ’78; JD ’81)

  • Governor of Mississippi, 2000-04
  • Lt. Governor of Mississippi, 1996-2000
  • State Senator for Mississippi, 1988-1996
Congressman Chip Pickering Chip Pickering (BBA ’86)

  • United States Representative for Mississippi, 1997-2009
Lenore Prather Lenore Prather (JD ’55)

  • First female Mississippi Supreme Court Justice, elected in 1982
  • Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court, 1998-2001
Governor Jeanne Shaheen Jeanne Shaheen  (MSS ’73)

  • Governor of New Hampshire, 1996-2002
  • Director, Harvard University’s Institute of Politics
  • United States Senator for New Hampshire, 2009-present
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit Roosevelt Skerrit (BA ’97)

  • Prime Minister of Dominica, 2004-present
  • Member of Parliament for Vielle Case
Governor William Waller William Waller (LLB ’50)

  • Governor of Mississippi, 1972-76
Congressman Jamie Lloyd Whitten Jamie Lloyd Whitten (’32)

  • United States Representative for Mississippi, 1941-95
Congressman Roger Wicker Roger Wicker (BA ’73; JD ’75)

  • United States Senator for Mississippi, 2007-present
  • United States Representative for Mississippi, 1995-2007
  • Former Lieutenant Colonel for the U.S. Air Force
Governor William F. Winter William F. Winter (BA ’43; LLB ’49)

  • Governor of Mississippi, 1980-84
  • Passed the Mississippi Education Reform Act