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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a member of the Ole Miss Alumni Association?

All former students, as well as graduates of the University, and all faculty and professional staff members who have served five years or more, shall be eligible for membership in this Association. A former student is one who has attended the University for at least two full semesters of a regular session as a regularly enrolled student taking a full course of study as defined by the regulations of the University or those students who successfully accumulate a minimum of thirty-six (36) semester hours within The University of Mississippi system including credit work at all off-campus locations. All persons who have or have had children in attendance at The University of Mississippi and/or who have shown an interest in the University shall be eligible for Associate Membership in the General Alumni Association. Associate members have full privileges except voting and holding office in the General Alumni Association

How do I start a club in my area?

An Ole Miss club can be established anywhere in the world. There are two steps in organizing a club:

1. Contact the club coordinator in the alumni office with your request.

2. Submit a list of counties within a 75-mile radius of your community. The club coordinator will perform a survey of alumni and friends within this radius. Results, which typically take one month to obtain, will identify people who are interested in becoming involved.

If the survey results are low (below 35 positive responses), the club organizer is encouraged to set up a phone bank to contact others. The purpose of the phone bank is to personally contact alumni and friends in the area and solicit their participation. Sometimes, after all efforts have been exhausted, the number of alumni and friends willing to participate is low. In that case, the Alumni Association will encourage those interested to meet on an informal basis. The Alumni Association will support any informal club as much as possible; however, due to the scope of the club network, it may not be possible to provide the same level of services and programs to informal clubs.

Who can obtain a list of alumni in our area?

Lists can only be released to the club leader after they have signed a confidentiality waiver. The lists cannot be given to any outside person or organization, nor can they be used for commercial or political purposes.

Who will be invited to events that our club sponsors?

In addition to alumni and friends of Ole Miss, the Alumni Association encourages the club to invite local high school students. The NCAA prohibits recruiting student athletes. Leave athletic recruiting to the coaches. If the club invites an entire senior class and a recruit is among them that is permissible. In no way can the club single the recruit for introduction. The recruit and his/her family must pay their own way. He/she must also arrive to the meeting in his/her own transportation. It is permissible to ask all students who are planning to attend Ole Miss to stand, but the recruit must not be singled out!