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Black Alumni

The University of Mississippi Alumni Association established the Black Alumni Advisory Council in 1988 as a vehicle by which the University’s black alumni would have a direct link to the Association’s governing board. Initially, council appointments were based on stated interests and voluntary willingness to serve from the black alumni population.

Since the council is advisory to the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association Board, the Executive Committee will appoint new or additional members from persons recommended by the existing council.

Members will be asked to serve one, two, or three-year terms; however, additional appointments will serve to fulfill unexpired or three-year terms. Upon fulfillment of a term, council members may be reappointed. Members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings and notify the Alumni Office if absence is anticipated. The Alumni Affairs Department coordinates the council activities and council members will be notified of all meeting dates not less than thirty days in advance.
Members who miss three meetings during any term without having provided prior notice and valid explanation for absence will be asked to resign their council seats.
Concentrated efforts will be made to achieve representation from all alumni club areas and age groups. If a council member moves to a locale where the council is heavily represented, that member may be asked to give up his/her seat. At no time should the council membership exceed 22 members including the one ex-officio member who shall be a University of Mississippi Administrator.

The Council Chair will be a member of the Black Alumni Advisory Council and will serve as Chair at least one year but no more than a two-year term. Chair appointments will be made by the Executive Committee from persons recommended by the existing Council. Chair recommendations must be received by the Executive Committee at least one week prior to the fall meeting of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The Chair will recommend his/her Vice Chair who shall be approved by the Executive Committee. Upon completion of the Chair’s term, said Vice Chair will become Chair and serve at least one year, but no more than a two-year term.

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